Google play reviews - Android (AV Buddy)
  • All AV Technicians! This is gonna help me oit a lot at work. Every AV Tech should have this. ★★★★★
  • Great ★★★★★
  • Everything you'll need in 1 app. Great for pro AV techs and DIYers ★★★★★
  • ^^'m Perfect People who work in the industry, such as acoustic project, as well as students to think will be a good learning! (완벽하네요^^ 음향 프로젝트등 업계에서 일하는 사람뿐만아니라 학생들에게도 좋은 공부가 될것같아요!)★★★★★

Apple app store - iOS (AV Buddy)
  • Lots of great info and handy functions. I tell every apprentice/rookie tech to get this app.★★★★★
  • Really good useful app. Helps me out a lot at work. Thanks.★★★★★

Apple app store - iOS (AV Buddy Pro)
  • If you do any type of A/V, be it commercial or residential, you need this app! It should be considered one of your tools. Absolutely perfect for testing -- you don't need to lug around all your testers, just your phone VGA/HDMI adapters and this app! Thanks Chris!★★★★★
  • This is a great AV resource for technicians to reference while on the go. The main page randomly displays explanations of common AV terminology.★★★★